What Happened to SSES?

Over time, we have seen several music groups start off on a good promising note but almost like a doomed prophetic prediction, the groups break up over time.

We have witnessed several scenarios like the Destiny’s Child, the legendary P-Square  duo and their not so cordial separation, Plantashun Boiz and several others.

However, a new breakup has hit close to home, the SSES music group.

Before March 2020, SSES was a music group of Ifeakachukwu Oba (Super KO), John Bonaventure (Sugar Kay) and Onyedika Aneke (Stunna). They were quite the group and had songs between them such as ‘Hate’, ‘Onye Nkem’ and ‘Aku na-uba’.

On the 5th of March 2020, on the official Instagram page, @ssesofficial they deleted all previous posts of the past years and uploaded a picture which was notably missing John Bonaventure (Sugar Kay) with the caption;

A lot has happened in the past year including SSES going from being a three-man band to simply becoming a dup of Stunna and Super Ko. Thanks to everyone who has been supporting us regardless, can’t wait to share amazing new content with you. Stay tuned. SSES 2.0


Admittedly before now, there has been unconfirmed rumors of a break up within the music group, the intricate details of the matter are still not clear, however with the new announcement on Instagram, the split has been confirmed.

Personally, on seeing that, I immediately recalled the interview I had with the group way back in 2017. I searched, found it and read it with nostalgia. It was as though they really didn’t see this coming and well to be fair neither did I. Here are some excerpts from the interview;

  • Who came up with the idea to start SSES?

(After a little debate, sugar kay decided to tell the story)

It was ILLBLISS actually. We were all individual recording artists on our own. ILLBLISS met the three of us at an event and said to us, “your names are STUNNA, SUPER K.O, and SUGAR KAY, I think you guys should be a group, maybe triple S or something” and the truth is that we never thought of our names that way and that was how our SSES story started.

  • How old is SSES?

SSES started a few days after Valentine’s Day in 2016. We can’t pinpoint the date, but we remember it was after Valentine’s Day

  • We’ve seen a lot of music groups, go under with time, do you see yourselves breaking up?

SUGAR KAY: The most challenging part was the beginning and even though we are under a lot of pressure, we don’t see ourselves splitting up. We think a lot before we act on anything, so no negative vibes can get to us.

  • What should your fans expect from you guys?

SUGAR KAY: They should expect the right sound, the right tunes, the right message from our music

STUNNER: They should expect more action less noise, most artistes are overhyped. We are like Jollof ,dodo, and goat meat, we are irresistible!!.

Read the full interview with SSES in 2017 here


It’s never easy embarking on a journey as a group, the courage, patience and team work required is almost divine. While we may not know the true stories behind far away music group splits, I hope to find out what really happened with SSES.



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