We wish Sugar Kay Well, It’s All Love from This Side | Exclusive Interview with The New Music Duo SSES

You would recall sometime last week my article about the break up of the music group SSES. Read all about it Here.

Because I don’t usually base my opinions on speculations, I reached out to the management of SSES, requesting for an interview to set the records straight on what happened, the circumstances that led the breakup and their plans moving forward.

On a personal note, It was a really good time sitting and chatting with Super KO and Stunna. They seemed very much comfortable with themselves and spoke with gentle but firm confidence.

For clarification purposes, the acronym SSES now has a new meaning; “Steady Supplying Epic Sounds”. Continue reading for the interview.


  • How has it been since 2016 as a music group?

Stunna: The journey has been good, a lot of growth for sure. The thing about working with other people who are also creative is that it makes you tap from everybody’s good sense and for your weak points you have people to support it, so that’s something that has been really great since 2016 up till now.

  • Super KO what about you? You sure weren’t wearing earrings in 2017 so a lot of things have obviously changed

Super KO: *laughs* Yeah… a lot of things have changed over the years, like Stunna said, it’s been good, a lot of ups and downs but one thing as a group is that you feed off each other’s energy. Its been good so far.

  • When did you both first hear about Sugar Kay’s decision?

Super KO: I think it was earlier this year.

Stunna: Sugar’s exit was something that we heard about sometime in January, thinking back about it now, I could probably say it was coming.

  • Did he tell you both first before speaking to the management? Because everyone knows you three were as close as brothers

Super KO: He didn’t tell us first, the news just came somehow.

Stunna: He had told our management before we got to know about it.

  • How has it been emotionally since you both heard the news? We know how close the three of you were

Super KO: For me I felt a little disappointed because the dream has always been the three of us taking the world together, but I guess he just had other plans. It happened and we just have to accept it and keep moving on, it’s still all love from our side, we wish him the very best.

Stunna: Like you said, we were like brothers and it’s not something any of us wanted to happen you know, but it happened and we move, basically. Its all love.


  • Word has it that Sugar Kay’s exit is connected to Lucy Q also leaving the label, is this true?

Super KO: lol that person dey see from spirit o

Stunna: That person must be very conversant with sports betting lol you know you just stay in your house and just say this club will win this match without any basis for your predictions. Sugar’s exist had nothing to do with Lucy Q.

Super KO: Far from it actually…

  • Has there been a replacement for Sugar Kay?

Super KO: SSES was a trio now it’s a duo, there’s no replacement.

  • So, what should your fans expect from the reborn SSES moving forward?

Stunna: SSES used to be Stunna, Sugar Kay and Super Ko, right now SSES is rebranded to mean Steady Supplying Epic Sounds and that’s what our fans should expect. Epic sounds on a steady. Different kind of SSES, a lot of changes and improvements, a lot of new products coming through. You know how they say every set back is the foundation for a major comeback, so that’s what it is.

  • Has this brought the two of you closer?

Stunna: Definitely. I’ve known Super KO for a long time and we have a lot of history together so if it’s about close, mehn we are as close as close up lol

  • What are the plans to unbox SSES as an Enugu brand?

Stunna: First of all, the vision has never been local, SSES is a global brand, secondly the title of our new single is West Side. West side of Africa, we were intentional about that because the song is about hustle and lifestyle, in west Africa. It’s a song that I’m personally excited about for many reasons. It premiered on radio today and we are already getting so much positive feedback so I look forward to more growth.


  • Do you feel your fan-base has been split? Some fans supporting Sugar Kay and others supporting you guys?

Stunna: Not at all. If that happens then that person wasn’t really a fan. The fan base is still secure, supporting both parties and we believe the sky is big enough. This is not a competition or anything like that. I wish everybody well. I wish Sugar Kay well; I wish Lucy Q well. The goal for me is to see everybody shine, there’s no malice at all. The more people make it from here the more people believe people can make it from here.


Listen to the new SSES single here:





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