My Top 3 Spots to Eat Abacha in Enugu

If you make my acquittance, one of the first things you’ll discover about me is my favorite food. It’s a fact I can barely keep quiet about. I love Abacha, also known as African salad and I’ll tell you why.

I mean, asides the obvious fact of the coming together of  ‘salad’ and ‘African’ to form one word, letting you know that you are in for a mouthwatering treat, it is prepared from shredded cassava, dried and mixed with palm oil and other purely natural ingredients. The dish is highly nutritious as it is garnished with different vegetables and is also easy to put together. It is mostly eaten in-between meals at hangout spots and is indigenous to Enugu State.

I have my own recipe for preparing this delicacy and I also have a video of me preparing it on my IGTV, see it HERE

My love for Abacha has turned me into an explorer. I visit different hangout spots in Enugu that sell Abacha and I give an honest review of each visit to my followers online. Catch all my reviews so far HERE.

Now, during my adventures, I have eaten different variations of this dish and I have decided to pen down my top three favorite spots. Because of COVID-19, I had to take a break with my reviews, but I hope to get back to it soon. So for now, here are my top three favorite Abacha spots in Enugu.

Abacha Doris (New Market):

Do you know that feeling of ‘where have you been all my life?” when you finally have something good? Yes, that’s the feeling I had the first day I ate Abacha at New Market. I remember my first visit vividly. It was with my sister and she bought this very sumptuous well-garnished plate for me and I almost couldn’t believe it.

Abacha Doris is well prepared, generously garnished and will be served to you with palm wine, beer, or any soft drink of your choice. Her spot is located at New Market after the Road Safety Roundabout, close to former Entraco fuel station. Once you get to the Road Safety roundabout, you can ask anyone to direct you to Abacha Doris, she’s too popular to be missed. Her place is always clean, a relaxing environment, and prompt customer service. A plate of Abacha goes for N700

Abacha Ijeoma (Lagos street):

Abacha Ijeoma should probably be illegal and have a cartel run the distribution around town because her Abacha is very addictive! Prepared by a very friendly woman, Ijeoma, she likes to call herself Ije Kpons and the review of her spot is still one of my best so far. Previously, she was at Lagos street Independence Layout but has recently relocated to No 1 Owerri road just beside Aborigine hall.

Although I haven’t been to the new location yet, my experience at Lagos street was superb. The food is tastefully prepared, garnished with vegetables, goat meat, fish and kpomo with good customer service. Although you would have to be patient and wait for your turn because there’s always a queue. Remember I told you, her Abacha is addictive or to describe it better in my native tongue, the thing na toowaa nti! A plate cost between N900-N1000 according to your choice of accompaniment or obstacles in the plate lol

Here’s my video review of her spot

Abacha Fargo (Opposite Parklane):

Abacha Fargo was previously at bent lane GRA before she moved to Fargo’s place opposite the Enugu State Teaching Hospital. One unique thing about Abacha Fargo is that she fillets the fish and mixes it with your food so that with each bite you’re guaranteed a mouthful of tasty Abacha plus spicy fried fish.

Although, if you don’t like mmiri ncha like myself, I’d probably advise you to let her know not to not to add it for you at all or a very little quantity. I usually don’t enjoy it with mmiri ncha because it makes me nauseous after a while.

Her customer service is great with a clean environment. A plate is in the range of N500-N700 according to your request. Here’s another advice, a plate of Fargo’s Abacha goes really well with a chilled bottle of Star Radler. Believe me, no one can make you upset after that, your heart will be filled with joy.

These are my top 3 spots to eat good Abacha in Enugu. Is there somewhere you think I should visit? Let me know in the comments!

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