Abacha Review at Afrispot Cullinary Enugu

 The Enugu Abacha review series was conceived during a conversation with my friend Chinasa.

She said; “Chisom since you like Abacha so much and know all the good spots in town, why not start a video review?”

“Let people watch you go around town eating”.

I had to admit, it was a really good idea. After giving it some thought, I decided to document my love for African salad known as Abacha, indigenous to Ndi Igbo in Nigeria.

Before then, I had a serious camera phobia, I’d rather write down my thoughts and opinions than say them on camera. But I decided to give it to myself as a new challenge. So I also made provisions to ensure adaptability and productivity in this challenge.

This really worked for me. Maybe I will write a post about it, Lol, stay tuned.  So, for this new challenge, the provision I made to conquer my phobia was to start with something I love, something I’m not shy doing and this was eating my favorite food Abacha.

Now some might argue, is Abacha a full meal or just an appetizer? A discussion for another day. That was how I started Abacha review! Conquering a fear and doing what I love, a good combination if you ask me.

Since this is the pilot story in our Abacha review series, I’ll share the guidelines of what to expect in each story.

Without realizing it, I adopted the responsibility of safeguarding the Igbo hospitality narrative. There is little or no information about the South East culture, food, language and lifestyle. Starting with food, the series will focus on providing an online directory that sufficiently inform customers about the service providers in the food industry in Enugu and honest reviews of services provided.

During each review, I will pay special attention to the environment, cleanliness, customer service and quality of food.

Now let me tell you a bit about my very first review. My first official visit was to Afrispot culinary located at 2b Obeledu Crescent Trans Ekulu Enugu

I really loved the setting of the restaurant. Modern Afrocentric, very relaxing, clean and comfortable.

The customer service was prompt, we were attended to the moment we sat down. After I placed my order, it took approximately 20minutes to get my Abacha and it was delicious! Although I would have preferred it the Anyara (garden egg) was sliced, instead of placing it on top of the food.

I really enjoyed my time at Afrispot. On a scale of 1-10, I’d rate them 7/10.


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