5 questions with Cheuy Chu

5 questions with Chisom Winifred is a new video series for my YouTube channel. But as always, I’ll always have the written version of all my series for someone like you, reading this now.

Because I am naturally inquisitive, I am constantly hunting to see how a person is wired. These five questions will be structured around humor, career, core habits and lifestyle. I have two objectives with this; to entertain and to give value.

Also, because I am naturally very shy, I am behind the camera asking these questions and my guest is the sole star of the show. With this, I am taking action on my idea and not letting my weak side stop me.

Here’s a tip: What’s that fear that’s stopping you from executing your idea? Do it in a way that suits you. No excuses we move!

Find below my pilot episode with TV host, compere and content creator Chuey Chu.

Enjoy! And let me know what you think in the comments



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